2. The Best 6 digital marketing trend in 2020
The Best 6 digital marketing trend in 2020

The Best 6 digital marketing trend in 2020

In digital marketing, in particular, innovations and trends play an essential role in future business success.


Digital marketing in transition
Companies that are always one step ahead quickly develop a major lead in a dynamic market environment when it comes to marketing products and services. Which topics and innovations will set the tone next year? We take a look at the digital marketing trends 2020.

1. Voice search
Voice-controlled search is still a topic with great potential and is undoubtedly one of the most important online marketing trends in 2020. According to a current GfK study commissioned by Mastercard Germany, 34 percent of Germans are currently using digital language assistants. 26 percent can also imagine shopping by voice command. Various forecasts assume that more than half of all search queries will be made by voice by next year.

With the boom in voice-controlled search, the required keyword structure is also changing. Comparatively long phrases and whole sentences are gaining in importance and require companies to adopt an adapted SEO and SEM strategy as well as appropriately tailored content - for example through the greater integration of local information and optimization of featured snippets. The challenge here: Instead of multiple search results, only one search hit is returned with the voice search - the winner takes it all!

2. Google's BERT update
BERT has been active since the end of October 2019. The update is Google's biggest algorithm change in the last five years. With BERT, the search engine should be able to better recognize and understand the context within queries in order to deliver even more precise results. This is necessary because the search queries - largely due to the increasing popularity of voice search - are increasingly approaching real human communication. One of Google's goals is to provide precise and correct answers to entire questions.

Why is BERT one of the digital marketing trends 2020? Already today, more than 70 percent of search queries fall into the long-tail area, with a strong upward trend. For marketers, the update means that in the future they will have to adapt the content of their website even more precisely to the search intent of the target groups in order not to be penalized by Google. This also includes the focus on a natural language. Writing for people instead of for the algorithm is more topical than ever!

3. Interactive content
Of course, original, interactive content as an integral part of content marketing is not a new format. Thanks to its rapidly growing importance, it is definitely one of the digital marketing trends of 2020. In the coming year, interactive content will be particularly due to shoppable posts and VR / AR received a further boost in importance and open numerous new doors in marketing:

The shoppable posts on Instagram are a further development of the shopping function launched in 2018. Companies and retailers can place their product ads, for example, in stories and feed and forward them to a corresponding landing page. With the Shoppable Posts, the entire ordering and payment process takes place directly in the app. For many companies, especially in the areas of fashion, beauty, home and living as well as travel, this feature as a new sales channel offers considerable potential through direct contact with customers.

Technical advances in virtual and augmented reality are also creating ever greater space for exciting and successful marketing tools. Applications such as the IKEA Place app, with which furniture can be placed virtually on your own four walls, show the technical and marketing options and ensure a personalized, user-oriented shopping experience.

4. Conversational Marketing
The end of WhatsApp newsletters for companies means a turning point in messenger marketing. The paradigm shift away from push communication to conversational marketing, which focuses on customer dialogue, is thus also one of the major digital marketing trends of 2020. For personal communication and holistic service, there is one good thing above all coordinated interaction of professional advice and intelligent chatbots.

In the active customer dialogue, conversational marketing opens up completely new opportunities to increase conversion and customer satisfaction throughout the business relationship via the various messengers. Already today, more and more companies are no longer sending their customers to landing pages, but specifically to a messenger chat. With the end of the WhatsApp newsletter, this trend should already pick up speed in the coming months.

5. Personalization
Although not new either, personalized marketing will play an essential role as one of the top digital marketing trends of 2020. Personalization is based on better management and evaluation of customer data, which enables a much more personal approach via suitable channels. For more and more customers, the personalized shopping experience is paramount. Accordingly, advertising, in the form of personalized ads, as well as content must be tailored even more individuals in order to arouse interest and build a stronger customer relationship.

Especially when it comes to personalization, the Digital Marketing Monitor 2019 from the consulting agency absolute and the German Dialog Marketing Association shows that many companies in the DACH region have a lot of catching up to do. Often it is the little things that are simply missing and should actually be taken for granted today. For example, those who still do not address their customers by name in the e-mail are wasting enormous potential.

6. Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing will continue to grow strongly in the coming year, especially in connection with other trends, for example, shoppable posts. The influencer marketing agency Mediakix assumes that worldwide spending on marketing with influencers will reach a value of ten billion dollars in 2020. The personalization of influencer marketing in particular opens up numerous new opportunities for marketers. It is not for nothing that companies are increasingly relying on influencers with a smaller, but more specialized target audience in order to place their messages accurately and authentically.

Thinking digital marketing trends holistically
What is particularly exciting about the 2020 digital marketing trends is the fact that innovations and developments do not develop in isolation from one another, but can be thought of as a holistic marketing approach. Whether influencer marketing and shoppable posts or personalization and conversational marketing: The large overlaps between the individual topics enable companies to innovate and broadly based marketing concepts for higher brand awareness, more precise positioning and measurably more business success.

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