3. Places to Visit In Eskisehir - Travel Guide
Places to Visit In Eskisehir - Travel Guide

Places to Visit In Eskisehir - Travel Guide

Places to see in Eskisehir should not be missed. The city located on the North part of Turkey. 


Eskisehir was called Dorylaeum in Byzantine Era. Eskisehir is one of the oldest settlements in Anatolia. The name Eskisehir means Old City in Turkish. The city has Turkic Crimean Tatars population.

Kent Park

Kent Park is located just in the center of the city. There is a big and clean beach that you can enjoy the sea. It is located in the Sivrihisar Street.


Odunpazarı is located on the Mustafa Kemal Ataturk St. This area is now under restoration. You can sip your coffee with your friends, buy presents for your loved ones and enjoy the beauty of the place. If you plan to spend the night at Odunpazarı, you can stay in Abacı Boutique Hotel.

Porsuk Cayi

Porsuk Cayi is also known as Porsuk Cayi rivers. You can enjoy boat cruises on the river in the summer time. You can also ride gondola if you wish. There is a small park around the river in which you can walk and smell the beautiful fresh air.

What to do in Eskisehir?

Things to do in Eskisehir list down below is going to guide you if you don’t know what to do when you visit there.

  • Take a photo of the colorful and old buildig in Odunpazarı.
  • Take a bath in one of the hammams located on the Hamamyolu Street.
  • Walk and jog along the Porsuk river.
  • When you get hungry, try crispy borek.

Odunpazarı Modern Museum

Odunpazarı Modern Museum is a must to see. It was opened in 2019, September. You can see the collection of Erol Tabanca who is a famous art collector nd also the founder of many art galleries in Turkey.

Buy Luletasi

Luletasi isa famous decorative item in Eskisehir. It is extracted locally in the city. You can buy rings, decorative items, tobacco pips and so on made with luletasi. You can visit the Eskisehir Meerschaum Museum if you would like to see and learn more about luletasi.

Midas City

Midas City is the city of King called Midas. It is located 72 km away from Afyon ad 66 kms away from Eskisehir. It is stated that the Phrygians settled in this place around 8 th century BC. You can see the remaining of the ancient city when you visit there.

Justiaopolis (Sivrihisar)

Justiaopolis (Sivrihisar) is located outside part of the city. You can find traditional Ottoman kilims there. There is also a mosque worth seeing.

Yunus Emre Village

Yunus Emre Village took that name because famous poet Yunus Emre is buried there. There are yearly celebrations held in the month of May. Inside of the village, there is a museum if you would like to see more about history. Also you can see Yunus Emre’s tomb. This village is worth seeing if you visit Eskisehir and would like to feel the ancient vibes around you.

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