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Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a part of conventional treatment with unforeseeable pace and methods. Artificial intelligence has been an inevitable element of our life and also it improves patient-doctor communication and healthcare professionals. How should we take advantage of it? One of the greatest benefits of AI is that it can enhance the capacity and it can store large amounts of data. Many of the initiatives in healthcare aim at finding solutions with AI. The world is getting accustomed to new techniques which foreshadows gradual developments in the near future and the world is getting used to high technology in all fields of life. Even though artificial intelligence could cause job losses by doctors’ side, might lack the final judgement mechanism and it triggers some privacy concerns, considering the pros of artificial intelligence such as artifical intelligence’s data processing capacity in helping take faster and more accurate decisions, it’s being affordable and its ability to decrease the number of misdiagnoses by minimizing errors caused by human  perception limits so artificial intelligence should be used in healthcare, resulting in a more healthy society and less misdiagnoses. Artificial intelligence is a great importance in healthcare. It can access data stored in other mechanism and it can go over data that written on the internet or research notes. In a short time like in 2-3 second it can make a decision correctly. While new technology is being implemented as a process, because of lack of knowledge or human error, many things can go wrong. Before we implement or adopt a new process, in order to avoid any fatal and critical mistakes fully understanding is a very important step so experts are working to avoid any diseases and infections so they want to alert the current system. With the help of AI, doctors find a cure and stop infections and diseases from spreading to the body.

If we mention the advantages of AI for doctors and patients in the field of healthcare, the first advantage is that some diseases need to be diagnosed immediately because they will be more severe day by day.  For example;  Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease and it damages the lungs. It can be diagnosed with X-ray images of the chest but X-ray films can only be analyzed by expert radiologists. Unfortunately, tuberculosis is prevalent especially in underdeveloped countries and these countries are lack Professional radiologists. Researchers like Baskaran Sundaram and Paras Lakhani from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital have developed a  innovative artificial intelligence model and firstly this model evaluate all X-ray images of the chest. Then it diagnoses TB. Namely, this model operates efficiently without radiologists. Also, AI is designed to identify discrepancies in the radiographs without human interference and it can accomplish complicated tasks quickly. The second advantage is that AI reduces medical errors and effective diagnosis can cure diseases completely. But when diseases are diagnosed incorrectly it can cause severe consequences. Doctors tend to make mistakes while they are analyzing images, samples and tests’ results or they can not make correct decisions but AI study properly and it can analyze millions of samples quickly. For example; after cancer is identified by AI algorithms, various data sources are worked quickly. Therefore, AI provides effective therapies and correct treatment options. It can be useful in smaller hospitals that do not have healthcare resources and also because of ineffective treatments AI plays a significant role in preventing medical errors. The third advantage is that the healthcare is based on data and analysis of patterns. Artificial intelligence tools are in the storing and collection. When we look at the situation in past times, you go to a hospital for check-up and your records are being secured in the storeroom. Now, if we compare this situation with AI application, your medical record can easily be secured by the robot. Therefore, robots will work on these jobs and  doctors will concentrate on more complex jobs. This is a beneficial aspect of AI  in healthcare. There are also factors that help health. For example; the world has changed rapidly and for a normal human body 24 hours is not enough and our body tends to get simple diseases such as fever or cold and people can say there is no time to go to the gym. But with changes in technology it is possible. Beforehand you had to go the gym. Now, with doorstep service, you can prefer an option, healthcare companies have personal gym trainers and these trainers can come to your home to give training. Everybody believes that AI can conduct surgeries. Beforehand this idea was thought as pure fiction. Now, it is becoming reality and in the future  many benefits of artificial intelligence in healthcare will increase day by day. Everybody want to learn benefits of artificial intelligence they can reduce the risks but they have to know the disadvantages of artificial intelligence since they do not only see the benefits without risks.

If we look at the disadvantages of artificial intelligence, unemployment comes from the top of the list. Machines with replacement of humans cause to large-scale unemployment rapidly and this speed will continue to increase as technology develops. Socially, unemployment is  undesirable phenomenon. Unfortunately, if AI becomes rampant, humans can be highly dependent on machines unnecessarily. People will lose their creative power over time and they will be lazy so they always dependent on mechanisms and they will lose their mental capacities. Therefore, people will lose their jobs and this rate will increase. Machines must work 7/24 hours but people need to break and refreshment. Machines can do their work without any error that can be occurred by humans as they programmed. Companies prefer to use robots that are constantly active. Unfortunately this occur leads to unemployment. For example in developed countries like the United States unemployment started  to  increase. In these countries, with the help of organizations employers are changing their employees by robots. The efficiency and speed generate a very striking impact on business owners. Second disadvantage is that it thinks like a box. AI do only the work which are programmed. A programme can not think differently while making or drawing something. It doesnt have creative and original mind whereas human beings are emotional and also sensitive because people can think, feel, hear and see. Human’s thought is guided by feeling. Machines have not thoughts that include  emotions and experience so machine can not think. Because  thoughts and ideas only come into a human mind. Namely, nothing can beat a human mind and artifical intelligence can help you in making decision, designing or creating something but it doesnt have such power to think just like human brain has. Next problem is that artificial intelligence is so expensive. If people want to have AI in their life, they need to spend much money because artificial intelligence is a complex machine in advanced technology. Repair needs high cost and also the software and programme need to be changed as technology developed because it based on the changing environment and it needs to upgrade so the machine will be smarter every single day. If people have to severe breakdown one day, recovery for the lost data and codes that installing the system will be need high cost and more time.

As a result, healthcare adopt artificial intelligence to improve efficiencies. The use of AI will expand in next years. Even if people do not want to take technology into their lives, when it comes to health they want to adopt artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence has negative aspects, but the positive sides can not be denied. According to numeric data, diseases are cured thanks to AI with correct decisions so AI should be used in all areas of our lives.

Pamela Piacquadio
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